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Color Therapy

28 days of

Immediate access


ColorAlchemy & Chakra Meditations

Listen about Red

Be excited by Absorbing RED

Greater Physical Vitality,
Stamina & Strength

Root Chakra Meditation

Listen about Orange

Find Happiness through ORANGE

Heighten Pleasure, Sensuality,
Desirability & Body Appreciation

Sacral Chakra Meditation

Listen about Yellow

Command your YELLOW

Strengthen Personal Power & Commitment for Greater External/Professional Success

Will Chakra Meditation

Listen about Green

Lovingly Receive your GREEN

Increase Joy and Trust for
Deeper Heart-Filled Relationships

Heart Chakra Meditation

about Blue

Directly Assimilate your BLUE

Improve Mental Clarity for Clearer Communications and Decisiveness

Throat Chakra Meditation

about Indigo

Consciously Connect with your INDIGO

Awaken Intuition, Inner Knowing,
and Higher Self

Third Eye Meditation

about Violet

Divinely Bask in your VIOLET

Deeper Connection to Cosmic Intelligence, Spiritual Love, & Bliss

Crown Chakra Meditation