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ColorAlchemy: 28 days of E-Triumphs
Vitality - Creativity - Power - Love - Focus - Intuition - Bliss

2 minutes a day, delivered to your inbox rewards you with
Self Mastery with the Endless Supply of Color

over 376 pages &
hundreds of "inner rainbow" graphics!

What you get:

BONUSES: click each for details


Extra Special BONUS:
Presentations worth over $500

  • (16) Internationally-renowned
    Color Therapy experts share
    Color Healing their expertise

E-Triumphs Benefits: there are at least 4!

1. Master skills transforming your life with the colors around you to:

  • Turn stress into calm
  • Convert negative situations into those that are positive
  • Expand creativity, vision, and intuition
  • Accomplish your goals easily
  • Develop greater inner peace and outward joy


2. Receive a E-Mail Triumph each day and develop good ColorAlchemy habits without effort.

Spend just 2 minutes each day with the Color Triumph and be aware of the colors around you to automatically cultivate the Colors of your Mind

Develop Greater Physical Vitality, Stamina & Strength by Absorbing RED (53 pages)
Find Happiness through ORANGE to Heighten Pleasure, Sensuality & Body Appreciation (42 pages)
Command your YELLOW to Strengthen Personal Power & Professional Success (38 pages)
Lovingly Receive your GREEN to Increase Joy and Trust for Deeper Relationships  (42 pages)
Directly Assimilate your BLUE to Improve Clarity for Clearer Communications and Decisiveness (43 pages)
Consciously Connect with your INDIGO to Awaken Intuition, Inner Knowing, and Higher Self (38 pages)
Divinely Bask in VIOLET for Deeper Connection to Cosmic Intelligence, Spiritual Love, & Bliss (41 pages)

3. Daily (email) Triumphs:

  • Focuses you on your Daily Color & Chakra Balancing Triumph
  • Automatically have benefits become second nature
  • Easily expand your ColorAlchemy practice
  • Track the colors of the day to shift consciousness

4. Be triumphant each moment, day, week, and forever by: 

ColorAlchemy: Colors of your Mind
(Here's EVERYTHING you get in week #1)

9 pages
+ week 1

that's 84 pages

ColorAlchemy Quick Start

The simplicity of ColorAlchemy.

Discover the benefits of ColorAlchemy along with how and why it works.

12 pages
+ week 1

that's 84 pages

Living ColorAlchemy

This play on words refers to YOU Living ColorAlchemy as well as the science of living color.

Discover how ColorAlchemy's effectiveness is consistent and replicatable. Learn: how rainbows are created, the vibrations of color, and how color is the source of creation.
Live ColorAlchemy to:

  • Remove blockages and limitations
  • Open the path for a more enriched life
  • Make you a more balanced & well-rounded person
  • Appreciate and enjoy more in Your world!
  • Celebrate each moment with the rich Colors of Your Life!

23 pages
+ week 3

that's 108 pages

Mental ColorAlchemy

The mind is the key to personal development.
Periodically pause your day with brief colorful moments to change negative behavioral patterns into those that are positive. 

  • Strengthen personal power & commitment for greater external/professional success
  • Increase love, joy, and trust for deeper heart-filled relationships
  • Improve mental clarity for clearer communications and decisiveness

This very full week of Color Triumphs (daily e-mails) highlights how to benefit with the attributes of each color along with Life Qualities, Color Breathing, and Visualization techniques for each color AND specifically:

84 pages and beautiful graphics


General ColorAlchemy Suggestions
Where did ColorAlchemy come from? (11 pages)


Enhance Color Breathing Add Visualization to Color Breathing (8 pages)


Daily Habits Journaling (9 pages)


Creating a ColorAlchemy book
Blessing Your Materials (8 pages)


Feeling Color through the Skin
Feeling Color Exercise (7 pages)


Color Favorites
What favorite colors say about you (10 pages)


Soul-Spirit Colors
Creating a mini-ColorAlchemy Oracle deck (10 pages)

ColorAlchemy: Colors of your Body
(Here's EVERYTHING you get in week #2)

Wearing your Daily-Colors & Chakra Balancing Energies
on your Body is Divine ColorAlchemy!

18 pages
+ week 2

that's 104 pages

Physical ColorAlchemy

The colors of the rainbow exist within the body. Starting with “Red,” the slowest-color vibration, the Root or lowest Chakra has the  same energetic, physical attributes as Monday and the color red. Each Chakra climbs the vibrational sequence with the “Violet” energies of Sunday, with its highest, spiritual-color vibration at the Crown Chakra.

  • Increase physical vitality, stamina, and strength
  • Heighten pleasure, sensuality, desirability, and body appreciation

This jam-packed week of Color Triumphs (daily emails) explains each Chakra, how to evaluate Chakra weakness based upon Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical behavior, and how to balance the Chakras with each color. Includes color-meditations using Healing Hands and Complementary Breathing AND:

104 pages and beautiful graphics


Red & Root Chakra
Power Wear

Live ColorAlchemy Recap
Chakra System and
Colors of the Body Root Chakra (12 pages)

Root Chakra


Orange & Sacral Chakra
Power Wear

The ColorAlchemy of Yin/Yang
Warm & Cool Colors of the Rainbow Bridge
Complementary-Color Breathing
add each Chakra in each of these (10 pages)

Sacral Chakra

Yellow &
Will Chakra
Power Wear

Healing Hands or simple Reiki

(13 pages)

Will Chakra


Green &
Heart Chakra
Power Wear

Love-Energy reminders
Blessing Your Body

(12 pages)

Heart Chakra


Blue & Throat Chakra
Power Wear

Color Rays and Chakra System
Color-Ray Healing and Chakra System
Color-Ray Guide and Chakra System
Journaling on Color Rays (12 pages)

Throat Chakra


Indigo &
Third Eye Chakra
Power Wear

Your Chakra Age (8 pages)
Third Eye Chakra


How to see an Aura
Diagnosing Auras

(11 pages)

Crown Chakra

ColorAlchemy: Color Activators
(Here's EVERYTHING you get in week #3)

108 pages and beautiful graphics

Each of the ColorAlchemy Activators in this great Color Triumphs (daily emails) week includes fast and easy methods to integrate ColorAlchemy into your normal routine.


Up-to-date ColorAlchemy
Layering ColorAlchemy
Colors on the Body
Develop a Color Wardrobe
Personal Items (16 pages)


"In the Body:" Colorful Food
"Around the Body:" Colors in the House
Colors in the Office (12 pages)
Frozen Light: Gem Stones
(some stone info on Chakra/Bagua pages)
Cleanse and Bless your Stones
Using Stones and Chakra Crystals
(8 pages)


Liquid Light: Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
Fragrance and the Mind
Coding Fragrance in ColorAlchemy
Working with Essential Oils
My Daily Aromas (14 pages)


Making ColorAlchemy Collages
Drawing ColorAlchemy Mandalas
Purposeful Mandalas (12 pages)


"Do-it-yourself" Color Therapy
Methods of Color Toning
Matching Colors to Symptoms
Color Toning (8 pages)


Drinking ColorAlchemy Elixirs
Creating Elixirs
Create your own Holy Water
My Elixirs
Bathe ColorAlchemy!
My most favorite Colorful Application! (11 pages)

ColorAlchemy: Colors of your Spirit
(Here's EVERYTHING you get in week #4)

12 pages
+ week 4

that's 86 pages

Spiritual ColorAlchemy

Does God live somewhere over the rainbow? 

Universal spiritual traditions refer to “The Light” as The Creator. Because the spectral colors come from The Light, when each color is absorbed every day, by the end of  the week, you also receive and align with the colors of God. 

  • Awaken intuition, inner knowing, and higher consciousness
  • Deepen connection to cosmic intelligence, spiritual love, and divine bliss

Through thoughtful practice, embed ColorAlchemy even further into your conscious and unconscious mind. Solidify your ability to tap into the power of color "on demand" and to achieve Mind, Body, and Spiritual goals. This Color Triumphs (daily emails) week includes:

86 pages and beautiful graphics


Achieving Your Goals
Formula for Happiness
Twenty-One Day Re-Commitment
Dance your Spirit
Chakra Dance
Moving Meditations:
Create a Rainbow
Salute the Sun (16 pages)


Chakra ColorAlchemy Music
Active Listening
Active Listening & Visualization
Chakra Tuning with Vocal Toning
Chanting to Open the Chakras
Experience Chakra Healing (12 pages)
Healing Core Issues: the Secret to Happiness
BETA Scan (Behavior, Emotion, Thoughts & Action)
Set Yourself Free! (8 pages)


Astrology and Color
Numerology and Color
Dreams and Color (8 pages)


Rituals and Ceremony
Awareness of Spiritual Consciousness
Personalizing Rituals(11 pages)


ColorAlchemy Timing
ColorAlchemy Meditations:
  • Buddha's Mind, Body and Speech
  • Crystal Rainbow and Chakra Meditation
  • Cosmic Orbit
  • Inner Smile
  • Jami Lin's Simplest Meditation (9 pages)


Your ColorAlchemy INITIATION
Connecting to the Light of God
Speaking & Writing Affirmations
ColorAlchemy Initiations
Recognizing Initiations
Personal Initiation Celebration
Coming Full Circle (10 pages)

What would you expect to pay to Improve Your Life in ONE Week?

and over 376 pages of Life- EnRICHing content
and hundreds of beautiful illustrations?

The only other method that I know to receive this level of personal healing is with psychological therapy.

The last time I checked, Life Coaching and all types of Mental-Health Therapy costs a minimum of $150 per hour, and you'd need a lot more that just a few hours.

The ColorAlchemy program has 55 "sessions." At $150 a session, that's more than $8,000 of Life-Coaching Triumphs! WOW! I know people who have had years of therapy and haven't had as much success as Color Alchemists have had during the 28-day program.

To insure your long-term success, ColorAlchemy offers a lifetime of support and reinforcement through its colorful association with each day of the week. How?

Just apply the ColorAlchemy Daily Color & Chakra Balancing trick!
If you haven't figured it out yet:

Each day is represented by a color. Each color has specific, life-enhancing attributes. Spend a few minutes each day thinking about its special color and you train your mind to integrate its instantaneous benefits.

Simple, immediately available, and effective!

From the immediacy of your own relationship with color developed through ColorAlchemy, easily draw upon ColorAlchemy activators exactly when and where you need support.

Like I said, simple, immediately available, and effective!

I love ColorAlchemy so much that I guarantee it!

Jami Lin's Tickled Pink Guarantee!

I am so committed to your success and confident that ColorAlchemy  will improve the quality of your life, I'll give you my personal, no risk, money-back guarantee!

If you do not think that ColorAlchemy isn't the most affordable and enjoyable way to make positive changes, or if you are not satisfied for any reason, I will refund every penny of your money within the first 2 weeks. No questions asked!


  • Have the outline for the ColorAlchemy & Color Triumphs
  • Learned its amazing life-transformational value
  • Have my personal guarantee
  • Have the opportunity for long-term-result Color Triumphs 

That costs less than:

  • ONE, 1-hour Life-Coaching or Therapy session!
  • ONE-Third the price of Starbucks: a little more than $1 a day!
  • 12 cents a page (over 350 pages) with a least ONE life-transforming tip on each page!

ColorAlchemy is an Incredible Value!

BONUS Presentations worth over $500
Internationally-renowned Color Therapy experts share more Color Healing!

Jami Lin shares ColorAlchemy Secrets: Instantly shift stress into calm, align with the 7 energies that balance mind, body, & spirit, and transform self-sabotage into unlimited potential

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording & PDF transcript)
Priceless: Extra/Extra! 7) Daily-Color,
Chakra Meditations (downloadable mp3 recordings)

Flowers: "Secrets of Creating Moods through One of Nature's most Precious Gifts"

Heidi Richards is an award-winning author as well as a life and business coach.

Value: $25 (beautiful video)

Sound: Use sound, music, and color  to heal your Self and Your Home. Discover how to choose the right sounds and music to reduce your stress and increase serenity, harmony and inner peace

Steven Halpern is an award-winning artist and pioneering sound healer whose music radiates energies, peace and joy.

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Color and Feng Shui:  Discover how your home can be your  sanctuary.  

James A. Moser is the former CEO of Feng Shui Warehouse and facilitated four International Feng Shui Conferences, and was founder of the Feng Shui Journal.

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Color and Essential Oils: Discover how of color and essential oils supports the power of  intention and transformation.

Diantha Harris is a much-loved teacher and well-remembered speaker and author feng shui, color, essential oils and botanicals. 

Value: $25 (downloadable 3 part video)

Color and Movement: join Carmen and 6 other goddesses, as you express your colors with Chakra energy!

Carmen Garson's dance is a deep spiritual expression.  She has created her own blend of Spiritual Dance Movements in which she combines dance, yoga, color, and The Chakras.

Value: $25 (downloadable video)

Color and Weight Loss: "We are color, and by reaching into the color spectrum, we can bring our bodies to it's "happy" weight and perfect balance." 

Renae Jensen launched the Conscious Design Magazine and facilitates the Conscious Design Conferences. She is a Feng Shui certified professional and Interior Re-designer, Color and Essential Oil expert.  

Value: $25 (exciting PowerPoint)

Color and Emotional & Spiritual Healing: Discover why Susanne and is the "grand dame" of emotional and spiritual healing with color.

Susanne Murphy, Senior Color Consultant at Color Energy, is a certified Color Therapist who educates people on the power of color.

Value: $40 (downloadable .mp3 recording)

Color and Pain Management and Reduce Wrinkles:

Dr. Darren Starwynn is a Oriental Medical Doctor, inventor and author with over 25 years of clinical experience. He is the developer of the Acutron series of microcurrent and therapeutic light devices.

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Color and The Chakras: Learn the secrets to keeping Chakras in balance will help you stay healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.

Vivian Sartoretto is an Ordained Minister, Reiki Master and Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression and Light and Color Therapy.

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Color and Space Clearing: Learn a quick and simple energy clearing technique. Use color and the mechanics of energy to make your home hum with supportive healing energy.

Faith Ranoli is an Earth Acupuncturist and a student of Geobiology Faith holds a Ph.D. in metaphysical studies and is a certified Heart and Soul Practitioner of the Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing. 

Value: $50 (excellent downloadable 3 part video)

no pic avail.
Color and Gemstones: Heal your mind, body and spirit with the use of natural crystals and stones.

Deana Schimmenti is a Healer and Reiki Master who works primarily through the energies and vibrations of crystals, stones and the Earth. She is the Founder of Stone Power and used these healing techniques successfully to bring her Lupus into a state of remission.

Value: $25 (downloadable PDF)

Color and Ayurvedic teachings: Discover the Indian and Tibetan traditions of Ayurveda and the Tibetan Buddhist approach to the Chakras, and how specific semi-precious stones support overcoming the emotional blocks and resistance to the awakening of different levels of awareness and wisdom.

Melanie and Robert Sachs co-creators of Diamond Way Ayurveda, a company devoted to preserving and promoting both Indian and Tibetan body care techniques. Their knowledge and spirit are divine! ~JL

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Complementary Color Therapy takes you a step deeper. Very specific ways of visualizing and breathing color can change your life almost instantaneously.With color you can remind yourself of the progress you've made and then focus on what is still waiting to be shifted.

Arlene Arnold: visionary color healer

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Light Language is based on the light speed healing techniques of the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico. With Light Language we are able to completely restructure all areas of our lives: career, finances, relationships, and health. 

Richard Gordon has been a spiritual/metaphysical teacher since 1980. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and several years experience in the petroleum industry, Richard approaches the area of metaphysics with a scientific base.

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Color and Symbalas: Discover how are Symbalas different from other Mandalas and how they will empower you.

Lahrinda Ellen is a visionary artist creating Symbalas for personal empowerment.

Value: $40 (downloadable mp3 recording)

Even though these Color Triumphs days have over 275 pages of jam-packed ColorAlchemy for self mastery, if you still want more evolutionary ColorAlchemy and another 75 pages , Order the ColorAlchemy E-book NOW and I'll include more exciting...

ColorAlchemy: MORE BONUSES

Week #1

Bonus #1

Challenging "Wishy-Washy" Guidance
Important Red tips
Special Journaling Exercise (6 pages)

Week #2

Bonus #2

Car Protection Blessing
Personal Protection Guidance
"As Above," "So Below" Meditation
Chakra Age Journaling
Chakra & Daily Chart (8 pages)

Week #3

Bonus #3

Make comfy ColorAlchemy eye pillows
Sea Salt: Your Best Aura Cleanse
Special Bath Secrets
Challenging "Sacrifice" Guidance
Challenging "Dis-Ease" Guidance
Essential Oil & Gem Stone Chart (8 pages)

Week #4:


Steven Halpern: guest musician's expertise on Sound Healing

Chakra Movement & Movement chart 
Perfecting BETA Scans to Deepen Relationships
Challenging "Perfectionism" Guidance (8 pages)

...and if you still want more, Order NOW to receive special

ColorAlchemy BONUS

7 Rituals:

Fire Rituals and Ceremonies
New Moon Rituals
Candle Rituals:
Daily Candle Rituals for Meditation
One-Color Rituals
Spectral Color Rituals
Components of Ritual (12 pages)

...and if that still isn't enough... Order NOW and receive my

7 card ColorAlchemy E-Oracle deck that are not yet published (these are different than the Oracle Triumphs, and uniquely special)!

With unsurpassed value and
unlimited-transformational benefit
the all-inclusive, step-by-step,
4 weeks of Daily Color & Chakra Balancing TRIUMPHS includes

Week #1: Colors of Your Mind (84 pages)

  • ColorAlchemy Quick Start (9 pages)
  • Living ColorAlchemy (12 pages)
  • Mental ColorAlchemy (23 pages)
  • (7) "Daily Colors" Lessons: Life Qualities, Breathing & Visualizations, &
  • all the Weekly BONUSES of week #1

Week #2: Colors of Your Body (104 pages)

  • Body ColorAlchemy (18 pages)
  • (7) "Daily Colors" Lessons: Colors of Your Body
  • all the Weekly BONUSES of week #2

Week #3: Colorful Applications (108 pages)

  • (7) "Daily Colors" Lessons: Colorful Activators
  • all the Weekly BONUSES of week #3

Week #4: Spiritual ColorAlchemy (86 pages)

  • My Epilogue (priceless!)
  • all the Weekly BONUSES of week #4!

...and All the Extra Surprise Bonuses 

  • ColorAlchemy Rituals (8 pages)
  • 7 card ColorAlchemy e-Oracle deck (7 pages)
  • Over $500 worth of (16) Color Therapy expert's presentations

That's more than 350 pages of great
ColorAlchemy Life Triumphs!

AND over $500 of Extra BONUSES

Borrowing Winston Churchill's "ColorAlchemy" words

"I cannot pretend to be impartial about the color.
I rejoice with the brilliant ones,
and I am genuinely sorry for the poor browns."

So actually,

If you don't order the ColorAlchemy, Life Coaching 28 days of E-Triumphs with its unsurpassed-valued, fun, and hundreds of effective methods of unlimited, self mastery, and

over 376 pages &
hundreds of "inner rainbow" graphics!

it just means you are not serious about improving your life, its OK if you continue "being brown," but still, may I recommend start incorporating more YELLOW! 

Be a Color Alchemist!
I guarantee... you'll be Tickled Pink!

28 Day E-Triumphs
in your inbox

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(for 4 weeks)

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