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Law of Attraction

Triumph Oracle Deck
Vitality - Creativity - Power - Love - Focus - Intuition - Bliss

Color Therapy

Stunning 4 x 6 cards
in shimmering pouch

Grow, Heal & Triumph
with ColorAlchemy

Automatically shifts consciousness

Duplicates the awe-inspiring sensation of a captured rainbow

Experience the vibration of
Living Color.

In ColorAlchemy’s simplicity,
may its profound depth support Living in Color forever.

Triumph Oracle

Many Life-Enriching Usages
Includes E-Guide and BONUSES
  • Grow ColorAlchemy consciousness, follow energetic order of the Daily Color & Chakra Balancing each day.
  • With question or concern in mind,
    randomly draw a card for immediate guidance.
  • Select your favorite image or color.
    This card reveals the color/attributes you are most comfortable with (and possibly, the color that dominates over less-favorable characteristics).
  • Select your least favorable image or color.
    This card indicates your color/attribute shortcomings.
    Experiment with color-energy needed in the moment.
  • Place card on altar or desk and wear color reminders to periodically pause with ColorAlchemy moments.
  • Plus, you'll intuitively discover even more ways to celebrate the wonder of you and your inner rainbow

It has always been my Green-Loving intention to present more than you expect.


Enjoy these excerpts included from award-winning ColorAlchemy book to enhance your Triumph Oracle experience.

You'll be able to download:

  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1: Quick Start
ColorAlchemy Tips
  • Color Breathing
  • About the Charka System
  • Evaluating, Releasing
    and Triumphing over
    Color Shortcomings

Color Alchemy

Oracle Deck

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ColorAlchemy Oracle Deck

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