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Inner Rainbow!
with the
Light of Possibility

Color Therapy

28 days of

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Personal ColorAlchemy Discoveries
Vitality - Creativity - Power - Love - Focus - Intuition - Bliss
Immediate access

2 minutes a day Transforms your
Daily Colors with Chakra Balancing into Personal Triumphs

In one one week, maximize life potential
by enjoying the colors around you.

Deepen your weekly ColorAlchemy in 4 ways each week!

Enjoy the daily colors and having Balanced Chakras to:

1. Expand each of the qualities that we all desire as humans


2. Automatically train your mind to instantly absorb the color energy you need to change your consciousness

  • Feeling Stressed in a traffic jam, take 3 calming BLUE breaths

  • Presenting your new business strategies to the team at work, take 3 confidence-building YELLOW breaths

  • Need more patience with your children,
    take 3 loving GREEN breaths

3. Evaluate life challenges
thru Color Weakness and Strengthen that Specific Color

  • Consider the attributes of the colors that you dislike.

  • You'll discover more about yourself.

  • Bring more of these least-favorite colors into focus
    to strengthen shortcomings

4. Align with the colors of “God.”

  • Most universal spiritual traditions use white as the metaphor for The Creator

  • When Sir Isaac Newton passed all the 7 rainbow colors though a prism, they converted into white light.

  • Focus on the color of the day on its respective day, and by the end of each week, you are complete and in full alignment with universal consciousness.

  • Quantum scientists define color as the Source of Creation.

From the Living ColorAlchemy chapter in ColorAlchemy, enjoy a teaser from
Joel Achenbach's National Geographic Article (3/2008)

Physicists hope to create states of matter abundant during the
first instants of the universe.

One particle they seek is the so-called God particle.
It is the missing evidence in a theory that explains the
basic characteristic of the universe.

I just love the science of ColorAlchemy and

I love the ease by which it transforms lives even more!