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ColorAlchemy Web Conference
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17 Internationally-renowned Color Therapy experts
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Each expert has promised to answer,
"What is one thing that even the other color experts don't know?"

Color Therapy




ColorAlchemy Secrets: Jami Lin

Jami shares how to discover how 2 minutes a day transforms your Daily Colors & Chakra Balancing into Personal Triumphs. Jami shares ColorAlchemy to:  

  • Turn stress into calm with the consistency of light refracting into a rainbow.

  • Enhance & balance your most important qualities of being human and grow your spirit through the colored light of The Creator.

  • Transform sabotaging behavioral patterns into long-term and unlimited potential.

Flowers & Color: Heidi Richards

"Secrets of Creating Moods through 
One of Nature's most Precious Gifts"

Music & Colour: Steven Halpern

We live in an ocean of sound, but most of us are unaware of how heard and un-heard sounds affect our body, mind and spirit. Learn how to create a more harmonious and uplifting environment for your home and office by decreasing sound pollution and increasing your 'sound chi'.

Use sound and music to heal your Self and Your Home

  • Discover how to choose the right sounds and music to reduce your stress and increase serenity, harmony and inner peace.

  • Learn how to identify whether a tabletop fountain has good 'sound chi.' 

  • Experience the benefits of balancing and healing the Chakras with sound and music.

  • Learn how to bring more harmony into your body, mind and spirit by 'listening' to your body. 

  • Discover how to use your voice to clear energy blocks.

Feng Shui Color: James Moser

James is in heaven. I am grateful that the world has this recording. is dedicated to his memory

Color & Feng Shui is very important to me, not only as a Feng Shui Master, but because my home is my sanctuary.  

James Moser, founder of the Feng Shui Warehouse. He discusses REAL Feng Shui, popular misnomers, and how to use color to maximize your home's Feng Shui! 

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy: Diantha Harris

Join us for this informational and fun presentation as Jami Lin joins Diantha in a video presentation demonstrating how the power of color can be used with your intention and the support of her color sprays made from essential oils.

You will learn:

  • How to use the color sprays to support any aspect of your life from healing to getting recognized, to getting through and over trauma and loss, along with having more fun and enjoying life more!
  • How essential oils and the power of flowers, plants and colors have come together in these sprays. 
  • Free tips on how to use the sprays with your children, pets, homes and plants as well as for yourself.

Discover the power of this gentle supportive product line created by Diantha on this video presentation with the Color Alchemist herself, Jami Lin.

Dance the Chakras: Carmen Garson

From the Goddess Store,  join Carmen as she and 6 other goddesses, in full belly dancing costume, teach you how to move with Color and Chakra energy!

Weight Loss with Color: Renae Jensen

This presentation is about the infamous topic of weight loss, or perhaps we should say "perfect weight". This is probably one of the most published, discussed and marketed of all "issues", along with prosperity and relationship.

One of the greatest joys in my personal life was to have discovered the power of fengshui - harmonizing ourselves (man) to the power of heaven and earth. Color is one of our greatest gifts and blessings. 

We are color, and by reaching into the color spectrum, we can bring our bodies to it's "happy" weight - or perfect balance. 

Emotional & Spiritual Healing: Susanne Murphy

Join Susanne and you will know why she is the "grand dame" 
of emotional and spiritual healing with color.

Reduce Wrinkles with Color: Darren Starwynn

Color & The Chakra System: Vivian Sartoretto

You can bring your Chakras back in balance by exposing the body to the corresponding Chakra color. Your body absorbs the color vibration thus creating balance. Keeping Chakras in balance will help you stay healthy physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.

Sanctuaries & Space Clearing: Faith Ranoli

Use Color To Heal Your Home!

Everything is energy - energy that you can harness and have work on your behalf creating the life you want. Whether it's using the energy of color to lose weight, create a home sanctuary or to support your new relationship - the energy of color is ready and waiting for you. Let's talk about how to harness energy for your transformation.

  • Discover how you can use color and energy to program your home to support you and your life changes.

  • Learn a quick and simple energy clearing technique.
    Use color and the mechanics of energy to make your home hum with supportive healing energy.

  • Enhance the energy of color to attract a job, health, relationship or a homebuyer if selling your home.

  • Create a home sanctuary for you, your family, and pets.

Lighting & Moods: Kathryn G White

Kathryn is sharing with us how to bring colored light to our lives, whether it be for creating a mood of Serenity, Happiness, or Renewal.  

Gemstones and Chakra Crystals: Deana Schimmenti

Learn how to heal your mind, body and spirit with the use of natural crystals and stones. Discover how, through the energies and vibrations of crystals and stones, you can heal your body and bring health and well being back into your life. She will discuss how color plays an important role in choosing the right crystal for the job.

topics will include: dieting and the right stones to carry in order to lose weight; attracting prosperity and increasing your wealth; and stones to study by, increasing your student's chances of acing those exams.

Ayurvedic teachings with Colour: Robert & Melanie Sachs

"According to Tibetan tantric teachings, all of the colors you see are the colors of prana - of vital life force. These flow within us and around us. And like all things manifest, we are comprised of the gross and subtle manifestations of this life force. And the most subtle aspect of this life force is what flows through what is known in both Indian and Tibetan systems as the Chakras. 

Our attraction, aversion, or indifference to various colors reflects the nature of our body-mind system and the state of the Chakras and whether they are more open or closed. Beyond using colors for our overall sense of health and well-being, if we are to become the spiritual beings that we have the potential to become, the Chakras are the subtle energy vortices that we must learn to open if we are to awaken to our full enlightened potential. And here, visualization of colors as well as the use of precious and semi-precious stones can be of great assistance.

In their contribution to the Color Alchemy Web Conference, authors and educators, Melanie and Robert Sachs, will share the perspective of both the Indian and Tibetan traditions of Ayurveda and the Tibetan Buddhist approach to the Chakras, and how specific semi-precious stones of five hues, green, yellow, blue, red, and white can be used to support us overcoming the emotional blocks and resistance to the awakening of different levels of awareness and wisdom. As healers and spa educators, Melanie and Robert also teach a Tibetan Chakra stone massage for self healing and the healing of others."  

Color Transformations: Arlene Arnold

Everything is vibration, even the chair you are sitting on.  Our bodies are made up of many different vibrations.  Sometimes the flow of those vibrations gets stuck.  You know this because you are uncomfortable-your body hurts, you feel depressed, you seem to keep repeating the same patterns in your life that just don't work, you feel like you still are not sure why you are here and what you have to contribute to this life.  These are all indications of stuck energy.

 So what does that have to do with color?  Each color has a different vibration.  Each of those vibrations has meaning for us.  When you experience the color Red, you know it is very active.  It can be intense frustration or anger or it can be passion that motivates you.  No one has to tell you this.  You know it by the feel of the vibration.

Complementary Color Therapy uses the vibrations of colors that are across from each other on the color wheel.  When red is stuck, introducing green can get red flowing again.  You experience this as a change in your point of view.  A few minutes ago you were seeing your life as a struggle without any solutions at hand.  With the influence of green, you now see new possibilities.  Maybe you aren't alone in this.  Maybe there are others who can help.  Perhaps you have some additional knowing inside of you that can guide you into a different perspective.

The Language of Light: Richard Gordon

Light Language is based on the light speed healing techniques of the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico.  As we move into the "Light Age", our spiritual evolution has moved upward through the chakras.  Now we are more ready than ever before to apply this ancient Mayan wisdom to our lives.  In Light Language we learn to read and write light combining color and sacred geometry.  With Light Language we are able to completely restructure all areas of our lives: career, finances, relationships, and health.  This wonderful technique also is used in service to better our Planet.  Find out how you can use color and Light Language to transform your life and World!

Symbalas & Mandallas: Lahrinda Eileen

Lahrinda will discuss the sacred nature of Color & Symbalas, Discover:

  • What does the word 'Symbala' mean?

  • How are Symbalas different from other mandalas?

  • What is your background for this work?

  • How did this all begin?

  • How can a Symbala empower anyone?

  • What role does Sacred Geometry play in Symbalas?

  • Is there more than one kind of Symbala?

  • How do you use a Symbala as a tool?